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Head: .tsg. Tsu Mesh Head Witch (@ Cosmetic Fair Halloween)
Eyes: !CS! Fractals Agua (@ Bloody Horror Fair)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Neria (@ Mystic Realms Faire)

Dress: .tsg. Ghoulie Dress - Black (@ Kustom9)
Collar: .tsg. Chained Hearts Collar - Black
Horns, Wings + Tail: *BOOM* Incubus/Succubus Mint (Gacha for Tag! Gacha)
Tights: -SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #07
Shoes: Sweet Thing. Layer Boots (@ The Seasons Story)
Nails: [MELONopolis] Slink Nail Polish // Penta (@ Creepy Cutie Carnival)

Cage: floorplan. haunted birdcage / black (Gacha for Tag! Gacha)
Pose: ! Ask Paint them red

Skin: (*ANGELICA) VIOLET :dolly: (@ Mystic Realms Faire)
Eyes: .ARISE. Grim Eyes / Rose3
Hair: [LCKY] Vivianne
Lips: (*ANGELICA)  MELLOW LIPSTICK #wine (light) (Gacha @ The Seasons Story)
Face Tattoo: [MELONopolis] Inari Tattoo // Tintable [Full]

Dress: Violent Seduction - Maria Dress (Red) (@ Kustom9)
Halo: Violent Seduction - Maria Halo (@ Kustom9)
Wings: Violent Seduction - Maria Wings (Group Gift)
Necklace: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Druid’s Call~blood-g} necklace (@ Tales of Fantasy)

Candles: 8f8 - Cupcake Light - *Black* (@ Candy Fair 2014)

Skin: [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy - Ice Blue
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Little witch hair (@ RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Lips: NOX. Witchy Lip [Lover]
Piercings: [NI.JU] Var1cose Piercing . gunmetal

Shirt: .Atomic. {NOIR} Motel Grime - Glutton Pack (@ Collabor88)
Tights: -SU!- Nylon Tights Ombre PURPLE
Antlers: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Faded~ black in plum} horns (I) (@ Body Modification Expo)
Headgear: Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Thorned Rose -  Silver (Gacha)
Collar: Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Collar - Silver (Gacha)
Shoes: [L.Warwick] Validation -Platform Wedges- Noir (@ Uber)

Cats: .tsg. Persian Kittens (Soon @ Tag Gacha)
Couch: *ionic* -  Slow moves (sofa) (Gacha @ The Chapter Four)
Skybox: *ionic* Urria (House) RARE (Gacha @ The Chapter Four)

Pose: *FN* Man, be my Valentine Pose

Skin: [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy - Ice Blue
Hair: [LCKY] Zammie (@ Candy Fair 2014)

Outfit + Bow: Violent Seduction - Eat Me (Candy) (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Ears: +Half-Deer+ Pointy Fluffy Ears - Pink (@ The Seasons Story)
Tail: +Half-Deer+ Long Fluffy Tail - Blue + Pink-Tipped (@ The Seasons Story)
Collar: ALTAIR* hime collar .rose. (@ The Big Show)
Bracelet + Ring: -Buttery Toast- Chained Hearts - Bracelet & Ring (Silver) (@ The Big Show)
Ring 2: .tsg. Ice Cream Scoop Ring - VanillaxSilver (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Key: *Cila* Key to my heart Staves -Gold (@ Mystic Realms Faire)
Shoes: Sweet Thing. Pink & White Sweetheart Booties w/ Berry (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Nails: (*ANGELICA) SLINK NAIL POLISH “SWEET” GACHA (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2014)

Donut Prop: //elephante poses// & -Buttery Toast- - Donutty (@ Candy Fair 2014)

Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Angelic (Retirement Sale!)
Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy - Red
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Vixen (@ Uber)

Outfit: *:..Silvery K..:*Puff Sleev Mini Dress(Purple) (@ RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Armwarmers: *:..Silvery K..:*Arm cover(Purple_B) (Gacha @ RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Wings: *:..Silvery K..:*Halloween Wing (Free @ RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Horns + Halo: [NI.JU] Oopy Goopy Horns + Halo . licorice DARK (@ Mystic Realms Fair starting October 10th)
Catears: PANTSU*HUNTER Feline familar -RMK limited color- (@ RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Collar: ALTAIR* hime collar .noire. (@ The Big Show starting October 10th)
Ring: {MB} SkullRingCrown [dream gacha] (Free @ RMK Gothic Dream Gacha)
Nails: (*ANGELICA) SLINK NAIL POLISH - “BLACK LACE” (@ The Big Show starting October 10th)

Cauldron: +Half-Deer+ Cauldron of the Stars [Fuschia] (@ The Chapter Four)

Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Familiar RARE (Gacha)
May’s Soul - The Crow (Gacha)
*Cila* - Cute Bat Set RARE (Gacha @ RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Oopsie - Noctis - Black Charcoal (Gacha)

Skin: (*ANGELICA) MingMing :cream: & :peach: (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) CLEAR EYES (Gacha @ The Gacha Mania)
Hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Macaroon & Sugar Coated (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Lips: (*ANGELICA) MingMing LIPSTICK #nude (light) (@ Candy Fair 2014)

Tattoo: {.H.B’s.} .ValentinesFun.
Necklace: .tsg. Sweetheart Necklace - Hot Pink & Pink (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Ring: .tsg. Ice Cream Scoop Ring - StrawberryxSilver & StrawberryxGold (@ Candy Fair 2014)
Nails: (*ANGELICA) SLINK NAIL POLISH “SWEET” GACHA (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2014)

Bathtub: [CX] Choco Tubbin (PG + Messy) (@ Candy Fair 2014)

On Helli (right)
Skin: (*ANGELICA) MingMing :cream: bd brow (Candy Fair 2014)
Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy - Ice Blue
Lips: (*ANGELICA) Candy Lip #5 (Candy Fair 2014)
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Dariela

Necklace: .tsg. Sweetheart Necklace - Pink (Candy Fair 2014)
Earrings: CerberusXing Nyam Nyam earrings (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2014)
Dress: .tsg. Lil’ Lace - Melty Choco (Candy Fair 2014)
Glasses: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Chobii~ pink} glasses RARE (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2014)
Hat: Sweet Thing. Cupcake Disguise Mini Hat - Strawberry

On Runa (left)
Skin: (*ANGELICA) MingMing :peach: (Candy Fair 2014)
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) CLEAR EYES #fairy (Gacha @ The Gacha Mania)
Hair: [LCKY] Mai (VIP group gift)

Headpiece: Lark - Sweetie Veil Hat (Pink) (Candy Fair 2014)
Necklace: .tsg. Sweetheart Necklace - Pink (Candy Fair 2014)
Dress: .tsg. Lil’ Lace - Bubblegum (Candy Fair 2014)
Bracelets: Sweet Thing. Chocolate Charm Set

Pose: . Infiniti . - CUPCAKE ATTACK - Friends Pose - RARE (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2014)

Skin: (*ANGELICA) MingMing :cream: bd brow (Soon @ Candy Fair)
Hair + Butterflies: .Atomic.  {Hair} Flutter (@ N21)
Eyes: ALTAIR* lyrae eyes .hortensia. (Group Gift)
Lips: (*ANGELICA)  MingMing LIPSTICK #l-pink (light) (Soon @ Candy Fair)

Dress: =Zenith=Rose/Milk Phase Dolly Dress (@ Kustom9)
Horns, Staff, Necklace + Bracelets: Sweet Thing. Spirit Dreamkeeper (Gacha @ The Gathering)
Shoes: [L.Warwick] Aurora -Divinity Series- Pink (Soon @ Candy Fair)

Location: Paradiso

Skin: [PF] Doll <Porcelain> (Retirement Sale!)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Aviva & Shae
Eyes: .tsg. Galaxy - Ice Blue

Top: *GF*[Mesh] Sleeveless Tops -pastel 5- (@
Skirt: *GF*[Mesh] High Waist Skirt “Annis” -pink- (@
Headbands: -Buttery Toast-  Sweet Tooth headband - Donut & Pocky (Soon @ Candy Fair)
Nails: .tsg. Slink Finger Nails - Hime Pearls Bow

Skin: .Atomic. Skin {RainbowBrite} Porceain - No Brow (@
Hair: [LCKY] Erika (@ N21)
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) CLEAR EYES #azure RARE (Gacha @ The Gacha Mania)

Top: Luas Madison Accessories RARE (Gacha @ Mystery Gacha Fair)
Skirt: Luas Madison Skirt XS White (Gacha @ Mystery Gacha Fair)
Flowers: :::WEG::: Annette headpiece Coral A (@
Ring: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Cute Ribbon~ pink} rings (Gacha @ The Gacha Mania)
Wand: .tsg. Moonlight Magic - Moon Stick Pink RARE (Gacha)

Candles: {what next} Jar Lights (stars)