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Before I start talking let me announce that I got accepted as a blogger for .{yumyums}. and + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + <3 Thank you so much again!

So many cute hunts and events are going on recently and I don’t know what to blog about first…….. Second Life fashion blogger problems LOL

I am so in love with the Cotton Candy hunt ;w; And there are so many gifts available at The Chapter Four, you should totally check them out if you haven’t been there yet!

Skin:  -Glam Affair-  Brandi - America - Drama Queen
Hair: little bones. Les Garcons (Group Gift, fee to join)
Eyes: Candy Mountain. eye wrath - ice . (Group Gift, fee to join)
Blush: PANTSU*HUNTER animu blush (tintable)
Lashes: Candy Mountain. Dolly Falsies

Bodysuit: *Epic* Melty Bodysuit {Bubblegum.Mint} (2L, Cotton Candy Hunt)
Socks: {W&R} Princess Socks - Pink - Socks (Group Gift @ Lolita Haven)
Shoes: Violent Seduction - Gyaru Heels (tinted, @ Kustom9)
Bunny: .: FW :. Hop Bunny Hop ~ Blue (11th May @ Funny Puppet Fair)
Headwings: [Aux] Fly Free - Pink (Gacha)
Horns: .aisling. Boo -Bonbon- (Gacha)
Collar: .tsg. Good Kitty Collar - Pink (Gacha)
Necklace:  .:Buttery Toast:. - I’m so Kawaii! Necklace
Necklace 2: .Tokame. Heart in a Cage (Amita Rose) (Group Gift @ The Chapter Four)
Wings: .{yumyums}. Homemade Wings {Pink Lemonade} (Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Tail: .{yumyums}. Frisky Succubus Tail {Spring I}
Ring: .Atomic. Celebrate! Cupcake Ring (Group Gift @ The Chapter Four)
Bracelet: .:Buttery Toast:. Coming up roses - Bracelet Cream/Seafoam (@ Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Hands + Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 & Female Feet Mid
Nails: .:Buttery Toast:. Toast explosion! (1L Hunt)

Location: Twilight’s Edge

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